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ye edward huang, esq., mba, msib

Attorney Huang's Background

Attorney Ye Edward Huang (黃埜律師) graduated from Xiamen Shuangshi High School (福建省廈門雙十中學) in 1991, and received his Bachelor of Art from Xiamen University (廈門大學), Xiamen, China in 1995, where he majored in International Economic Cooperation.


Attorney Huang started his financial services career in 1997 after earning his Master of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from Southern New Hampshire University. Recognized for his achievements, he has earned numerous awards throughout his career including President’s Council Award, Top Club Award and 50 Club Award from The MONY Group where he focused his practice in Estate Preservation and Planning. 


Attorney Huang served as an Assistant Managing Director, The MONY Group, Inc. (MONY), both in San Francisco, California and Boston, Massachusetts from 2002 to 2004.  After MONY was acquired by AXA Fianncial Inc. (AXA), he served as Vice President for AXA Advisors, LLC, Northeastern Division from 2004 to 2008. 

After receiving his Juris Doctor degree from Massachusetts School of Law, Attorney Huang was admitted in Massachusetts in 2008, and U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts in 2009. He is a member of Massachusetts Bar Association and American Bar Association. The practice area of the law firm has been expanded rapidly because of Attorney Huang's dedicated community services and involvement, as well as his financial and legal expertise he has acquired in the last two decades. 

Attorney Huang has successfully litigated complex business disputes in Massachusetts Courts, protecting his clients’ financial interests and business integrity. With his help, many individuals and businesses were able to have fresh new starts, after being discharged from United States District Courts, without worrying about the debts and financial obligations they have been carrying for years. Attorney Huang is passionate about combining his legal expertise and financial expertise to help business owners, affluent individuals, and families with special child or children, in their estate planning, to protect and manage their wealth, keeping their legacy intact for their future generations. 


Benefiting from his extensive business experience, bilingual and bicultural knowledge and skills, Attorney Huang has helped his business clients establish different types of entities, reorganizing and repositioning business activities, both domestically and internationally, to maximize their business revenue and profits. 

Specializing in non-profit law, Attorney Huang has put in tremendous time and efforts in helping communities to establish different non-profit organizations, private charitable foundations, and public charities to provide services and funding for the communities to improve their members’ quality of life, vocational skill, and overall well-being.

Community Involvement

Active in his communities, Attorney Huang serves as President and Chairman of the Board of Asian American Association of Boston (AAAB), in Boston, Massachusetts since 2010.  He also serves as Chairman of Boston Fujianese Association and Boston Fujianese Chamber of Commerce.

As a devoted educator, he has been a frequent speaker in different communities on issues related to business formation, estate planning, and other legal topics, including lectures in Harvard University, Chinese Culture Center, and Chinese Language Schools.  He has also taught, as an instructor, at Lowell Small Business Assistant Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. 

Attorney Huang provides legal services and maintains friendships  with leaders in different ethnic group and communities, such as Italian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and African Americans.

Personal Interests

Attorney Huang enjoys swimming, tennis, hiking, and table tennis (ping pong). He resides with his wife and their son in Wellesley, Massachusetts.